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Welcome to our website. Here you will be able to find all the answers to all levels of Word Trek.

Word Trek has many categories and in each category the number of levels are random. So it is difficult to match the level you are in with the page with the answers. Finally we have made it possible to search for the answers easily. In the search form below, enter 3-4 letters of the top row, then select the grid size (ex: 3×3) then press enter. If you enter more than 3 letters there is no need to select the grid number.


Enter the first 3 or 4 letters of the top row (or more letters, optional).

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wordtrek answers
You can enter in the search box the letters YAHO and then pres enter. The more letters you put, the sooner you’ll get the answers. You can just enter 3 letters, but sometimes there will be many results to choose from. If you enter 4 or more letters, you can forget to select the grid number and press directly enter.

Word Trek answers

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Download Wordtrek:
Word Trek is avalable for Android and iOs (Iphone, Ipad and Ipod touch). Word trek is free to download.

Word Trek review

Word games are fun, especially if you have many levels to go through and that’s exactly what makes Word Trek so fun and exciting to begin with. You will see that Word Trek has simple rules, basically you need to explore a variety of worlds and have fun as you access all the possibilities that come your way. There’s definitely a great experience and remember that the more you play the better you become.

Word Trek is one of the games that starts easy but which is not that easy to begin with. Thankfully they did integrate some helpful tools but the faux sense of knowing it all will definitely kick in fast as you play. Do keep in mind that Word Trek is designed with value in mind and you will find yourself challenged quite a lot as you play.

The developers added in 3000 words in this game and more than 600 puzzles, so you should definitely consider playing this game if you want a word based gmae with a lot of words in it. The main benefit of playing Word Trek is that it tests your vocabulary and it also helps you challenge your brain as you go along.

The puzzle board size will always increase as you play, which makes it cool all the time. It’s exciting that you can ask friends for help because that does offer an immense benefit as you play and you do want such a thing, for sure.
I am very impressed with the crude attention to detail and the quality offered here because each word structure is kept properly and everything is grammatically correct. It’s a ton of fun to explore this possibility and I do appreciate the great and cool experience you get in this situation.

Of course, you do get stuck as you play but the problems aren’t that challenging as you can expect. In fact, that’s what really aids you go along, because you can get help from others whenever you play.

Graphics are great and the performance is good even on an older Android device which I find to be very good to begin with. The gmae also seems to have regular updates which include bug fixes and new words, and that does help make it better as it progresses.


I found Word Trek to be a very fun word game. It’s not that hard to begin with, but it does offer some immense challenges and it’s just a pleasant experience that you should totally check out. As someone that loves word games, you do need to play it as it’s the best time waster when you are on the go or when you want to spend a few minutes while helping your brain accumulate more knowledge. I liked it and I would definitely recommend it to others!


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